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Whoa, you came to my website. That's sick, I appreciate it!

My name is Chance. I'm a front-end developer here on the World Wide Web. I enjoy teaching, building high-quality user interfaces, and far too many non-computer activities to list.

Take a look at some of my thoughts or sign up for the occasional email below. I'll be adding more to this space soon, so check back and see my little corner of the internet grow. 🌱


Next Steps

A few weeks ago I left my job at Modulz. It was a good job with a great team, which made quitting quite difficult. It was my first time voluntarily leaving a gig I actually liked, but I knew it was time to move on to other things.

Mess around and find out

A lot of folks have a clear vision of what they want their career to look like, then they create a plan and execute. I’ve never had such clarity or even much of a plan.

Game Changers

When the game changes, so do the struggles. This is how I've adapted this year.